I understand, because I know that road too.
I have been down that road so many times before. I have seen the same signs over and over, have known the same repeating end, the telegraph poles, the houses passing by, the shapes of each letterbox, the strolling faces.  That road has a name:  Comfort.

And comfort is a bottom-feeder.

Comfort stunts your growth and limits your goals, and you will let it because that is how our brains are wired to work.  Comfort is fear, disguised in familiarity and fear is that reptilian response of fight or flight.  Comfort is the ultimate flight response.

So when you work that out, when you start to question your surrounds and everything that you know, that’s when you can wake up, feel the pebble in your shoe and disassociate from comfort.

Have those conversations you always thought were awkward or taboo.  Ask for help when you need it.  Offer a hand to those you love.  Develop a team of like-minded souls who want nothing more than to see those around them grow.  Find gratitude in giving, find thanks in receiving and re-learn how to learn, again and again.  Amaze yourself.

Then climb a mountain because you can and when you reach the summit look down at what you have achieved.  You just climbed a fucking mountain!  Look at the hard work that got you there, take a time-out to appreciate your efforts, then start on building a staircase to the moon because you’re not done yet, you are never done when you’re living uncomfortable.