A crystal stream runs here clear, gently eroding the pebbled bed below.  So majestic are it’s shallow trails and the Alpha stones peaking above the tide; moss-laden mounds of defiance, ruffled in whitewash, tendrils of mess floating.  Ripples break the silence, cavorting with a present ears, bustling with a hive of soothing activity.
This place is like a true friends smile, so warm, so known. Shore banks sit knee-high above the crests, the short, evergreen grass rolling out into the forest paths beyond. Snow-covered peaks stand tall in the distance, their silent majesty resonating. On the horizon, twin suns dance, flickering light through leaves of some unknown gum. Leaves in constant fall, shutter the light even more.

And on the grassy banks a fire breathes , the eternal flames flutter on the embers lavishing one another, getting lost between themselves. Inviting is its warmth and its tune of gentle crackle. As suns set the fire grows golden, flecks of gold drift by floating the warm breeze as shadows bristle in the forest beyond.  Something rustles there, in those shadowy depths.  A present ear startles in unfamiliarity.  Turning to meet the waves a heart skips…