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Animals are we
From land to sea
Instinctive players
Revolving layers
Set aside
the quickened stride
And bring the glee
In we
Taking me
Across the sea
Through sojourned places
And new found races
Walking paces
To stop.
And cop.

A breath

And feel
The real
Mystic deal
Let it heal
Strip back the news
That old amuse
Of constant need
For this and that
And revel in this new found track
Not looking back
Too far beyond
Material bond
Adverts so fond
And see a tee for what it is
A blessing fee
Of long worked tea
Put on the table
In family’s stable
In shanty shed
To keep them fed
Not branded ‘buy’.

Take a breath

There’s need try
And understand
How he worked the land
To get that milk
In brokered ilk
Now processed silk
For fat cat’s till
Distorted dream
Ripped clear of cream
And pastuerized
Chemically charged
To fill the barge
Of cutting cost
And then what’s lost?
The health of you
Those all around
But is there care?
With all that bare
Not much at all

Take a breath

Exhale and see
A shameful space
Is this place
But one by one
If we take heed
The need
Of that man
Without home
On bended knee
In child’s pose
To suited speed
Crossing heed
Naught he sees
Not sees
This pod of peas
That we
Were meant to be
But for time and greed.

Take a breath

Drifted seas
This bliss place
Each beautiful face
Now in disgrace
Fucking waste
All lost souls
The cymbals clap
Needed to snap
Back and see
The great disconnect
Of we.
The broken
Are we

Take a breath

And send me off
To far flung sea
To share and be
With those I see
In my eyes
The dreams
In seams
In natural gold
And mold
Into form
Not laying dorm
Simple animals
Are we
The wolf
The dolphin
Gulls in skies
Eagle eyes
Deer chased
Kings race
In connective
Oh to see
The we
Meant to be
In thrive
Outside you
Inside all.