three.jpgYou are not my whole world
You are not my everything
You are you my son
And that means so much more

Lincoln, this life is an open book of unwritten pages and that my dear boy is never going to change.  Each chapter of life will overflow with the pen-strokes of experience and connection, and just know that I will always be here to help nurture you, to encourage your growth, and to see you flourish.

Your imagination is wild and free and I hope that never changes.  The way you see everything around you is so magical and you keep me in constant awe.  Your laughter is intoxicating and your words are sublime.  And whilst there is so much beauty to be shared, you know what Lincoln?  Life is tough and you will get hurt; you are going to fall.

But don’t let that discourage you. Pain will heal and you will get back up, and each time that you do, it will allow you to feel more joy and more love like never before.  Stay open to all that is around you and you will experience so much in this life.  It is such a blessing to have you on my journey and to be apart of yours.  And that is the beautiful whole of it – it is your journey, and I will always be here to teach, learn, share and expand alongside you.  You crazy kid.

Cherish your visions and your dreams
the blueprints of your heart,
and always tread your own path
for you are you, only and forever.

You told me yesterday
that you want to fly to the moon.
I truly cannot wait for that day
when I’m smiling back at you from Earth.