Start your story
With one sense heightened
Immerse in sound
Let your mind awaken.
Float into none
Whilst deafening surrounds
It’s when your soul
Gets lost, gets found.

Then pour imagery,
Like wine from cask
To free your eyes
And cast your mask.
Spin virtual into
Places of wonder
Volcanic ash
The sea deep under

Let in the aroma
Breathe that first breath
As lymphatic dressage
Envelops your head.
From forest rich
To spices poor
Taste your mind
Let go, explore.

Then touch that clay
In drenching spin
Of pottered mess
Embraced within;
Let that wheel turn
And mold your mind
Into something real
Not yet defined.

And when you take
Those senses back
To meld the five
In synced up track,
Remember now
In focused trance
How one heightened grows
Whilst four romance.