I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you for taking time to read one, all or any of my blog posts this year; from those in this fabulous online WordPress community, to family and to friends.  You are all apart of me in your stories, your ways, your hearts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I went back and re-read through some of my scribble, from my first post, to my last, from eating applespassion and pain (in a good way); to lovegrowth and heart.  It has been an interesting journey.

Shifting into more of.a poetry focus was a total shock, something that came so unexpectedly.  I was sitting on a bench at Coogee Beach doing a mindful free-form dump of whatever came into my mind and as I kept going I began to realise the rhythm that had picked up, which produced this, something I’m still very humbled by.

But today, on 100th post day I thought I would do something different.  So here is a re-hash of a story that my two-year old son and I made up many moons ago, which we ad-lib each night he is near. It is an audio recording of The Little Green Frog. This is my first Soundcloud attempt!  Hopefully it will help put voice to future posts!

Enjoy.  Love to you all.

Listen to The Little Green Frog by Mark Thompson #np on #SoundCloud