When self-doubt rolls along,
when your fears swell within,
when your journey seems stalled
and your minds eye’s wearing thin.

Ask that simple question,

“What’s stopping me?”

Then smile.   Smile at that true self, smile at that one you are, the one you’re becoming and do what that reptilian mind is telling you not to:

Trust and allow yourself

Take that chance when it comes. Call that friend that you’ve been meaning to. Tell your family you love them, and tell your friends that too. Learn something new. Walk in nature. Look up at the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon in total awe. Smile at a stranger, for they were only strangers yesterday. Be courteous and kind. Drip the hot candlewax that is your entire being on her vivacious skin; let her have her turn. Dance. Laugh. Love. Appreciate. Grow. Forgive. Know. Believe in you and your tribe. Be the white sheep amongst the crowd of black.  Own everything about your deliciously crazy self.

Feel.  You beautiful, fucked up people.