man-1246233_1920Shine bright and appreciate yourself and everything that surrounds you. Be grateful for your travels and your blocks for they have taught you so very much. Much more than you are willing to accept.

Know that how you feel right now is the only thing that counts. Be with those feelings and know that change never occurs tomorrow, it can only begin today, even if today can be a very long day.

So in this moment make a choice, follow the road less travelled, to actively awaken, to listen to and understand how you feel, and to embrace the one thing you’ve been looking for, you.

Touch that being.  Touch it with every intimate ounce of your body and embrace the love that you can’t help but find. It may take time and you will fall along the way, but it is there, it always has been, like every breath you draw.

Once found, spread that shit like warm butter across the world. Share it and share you with everyone you meet. Your idea of them will change, their idea of you will change, when you actively live from within.

Your mind and your heart can grow; your fears and doubts can subside.  You can be whatever you want to be, you can become you.  Believe.

Search your soul, take the time you need to rip yourself out, to removed that self-doubt, enjoy the lessons and in time, have some fun along the way.