We all begin life in exactly the same way. Our environment shapes us,  Our mind forms us, and  Our heart defines us; All of which are very much malleable. MT

Rich? Poor? No such thing.

The ocean shore laps the feet of the weary; energising both the same, the poor man’s soul, the rich man’s heart. Sparking ideas new, paths unimagined, visions of change, in the poor man’s riches, the rich man’s ego. Awakening gushing throws of dreams and goals, directions traced in the poor man’s knowledge, the rich man’s…

Born into pitch black

โ€‹ Imagine the imagery we would lack If we were all born into pitch black. In muted silence, taste unknown, Into intangible realms of nothing. MT Every expression, every spark comes from somewhere.  Be forever inspired by your surrounds.  We are so very fortunate.

To iron or not to iron

It’s such a pain, when you have so much else to do and the only thing you’re drawn to is, penning a new verse. To drop beadlets of ink to page, in that habitual, rhythmic auto-mode of imagery that you love. MT

These arms

Are open to surround your soul, To touch, be touched, soft and firm in bonding brace of love entwined; to wrap fierce ’round your fiery mind. Enclosing warmth in knowing strength of all which lies much deeper still. To share and mend the blistered scars Of life and all its shrapnel thrown, To bruise and…


Wherever I go, there you are. For me and you, is everything I do. You inspire my way, like a distant star and if my star shines, burning bright, then yours grows too in sparkling hue. So I dance this stage, To help find your light and grow my own. MT

Skin within

I’m not interested in what lies below your timeless dress; that milk-soft skin of silken wove. It’s what lies beneath deep further still through your pores that complex maze of self-locked doors. That’s what I desire ignites fierce my fire. That beautiful mess to uncover, undress that treasure trove. To truly know, your mind your…


Oh rain. You f a l l all that way, from giddying heights to then flow d o w n a drain. ๐Ÿ’งโ˜”๐Ÿ’ง ๐Ÿ˜Š MT Fuck I left my shirts on the line.

Beauty takes beauty

Lightning flashes, bolts of brilliant white cross darkened skies. Heavens billow in electric dancing pulses, strobing endless. How beautiful you are, a musing question without a mark. ’til word passes down through echoing winds; your tale of destruction. Whispered screams thrive on the torment you had in mind for true beauty. Struck down by you…