In bitter cold of winter’s frost

Drips the bloody trail of one life lost.

A blizzard came about that day,

When trailing through the mountains high,

Communication lost with his last post

And visibility dropped below an inch,

There was no way back and no way forth

For it had been hours lost in the bitter cold,

Sunken footsteps dragged down his weight

His gait now all but stopped in search

For a place of warmth to rest his bones.

But it was too far off in the blizzard snow

He dropped and fell down to a bed of frost

Life abandoned, or so it seemed,

His movement down to visibilities measure

Just inches now in the cold weather.

And as he struggled and as he moaned

Fortune took an unexpected turn,

A noise behind came trudging through

He turned his head, but then he knew

The wraith of death was on him fast

As the whitened wolf just smiled and laugh.

No need to hunt down his prey today

As here it was a feast outstretched;

In toying fun the wolf approached

This man now feed, no sense of fight

Accepting doom to a wolf’s delight,

Only his eyes reacting in cold.

As the wolf moved in to sniff around

A bare wrist, outstretched was too be found

He grabbed that wrist in voiceless scream,

The drops of blood in one smirks gleam

And as his victim laid out bare

All could he do was turn and stare,

As gnashing teeth, teared through soft flesh

Encouraging prey to its last breath.

While snow beat down in tortured winds

It’s how life ends and life begins

As pups in tail came to consume

A mother’s feast, found in this room,

Of palatial expanse all theirs to know

To roam and play, in youth to grow.

A tale as old as time itself,

Of universe, life taken, life reborn.

One cast to the next, as another starts

Those pups in such grateful thanks

As they move on, his life departs.