I passed by a rock climbing centre yesterday and had this sudden urge to try it.  So tonight I dragged my dear sister out and we climbed and talked and climbed some more.  It was amazing.  So many foot holds and hand holds to choose from, so many paths to take to the top.  

Whilst getting to the top is a clear goal, the journey was the winner.
You cannot think about other things when you’re clinging on, halfway up a wall.  All you can think about is where you are and the journey underfoot, where the next reach of your arm or next step will take you.  Present fucking blissfulness at it’s best.

If you slip and fall, you get back on the wall.  If you reach and climb, you’ll get to the top.  If you worry about too much, the heights; the ropes; the gear; you will get stuck.  If you wallow in doubts, your journey will stagnate.  And of course, you need to have full faith and trust in your belay!

A true metaphor for life.  

  • You fall, get back up.  
  • If you believe you can, you will.  
  • If you worry about things outside of your control, they will consume you.
  • If you doubt your journey, then it isn’t yours.
  • Have faith in your belayers.
  • Have fun and laugh!