In Winter’s frost
Cold bodies share,
A sumptuous meal,
A delicious faire.

A delicious faire?
Like a feasting lion,
Teeth gnashing flesh,
Of a kill still dying.

She wants his lead,
To be enslaved,
In the freezing cold
Of night’s draped shade.

He needs her so,
Shadows to her door,
They touch — a brush,
Both wanting more.

Inviting lights
Shine from within,
But this night’s dressed
In lace-bound sin.

The front doorstep
There’s something about,
Stuck between worlds
Both in and out.

So out they stay
The quick rise and fall,
Her chest pressed hard
Up against that wall.

Half-buttoned blouse,
Her peaks now burst
His hands like ice,
Perform their worst.

They tweak and pull,
Now sliding down,
Beneath denim and lace
Pink glove is found.

Those inviting lights
Now seem so cold
Compared to the warmth
Of her gorgeous soul.

Her head leans back
Against his chest
Her wild hair free,
A familiar mess.

Frost-laden breath
Heats thickening clouds
Of rhythmic motions
Of gasping howls.

His kiss laid bare,
Against her neck,
Sucking gentle-not
In vampiric check.

His hands roam South
Deep exploration,
They move closer still,
Heat-raised vibration.

Her ecstasy,
Her ocean broken,
Her insides gush,
Two souls awoken.

His packed flesh,
Pumping veins so strong.
She draws him out
To meet lace-clad thong.

The frost now gone,
As he enters there,
Focused each on one;
That delicious faire.

In such dripping heat,
Cold skin entwined,
A doorstep straddled
As he fucks her mind.

Just as she fucks his
While she traces gaze
For that “You’re safe” look
While he takes her cave.

And as night unfolds,
And all freezes out,
The heat rises still
For these two about.

The inviting warmth
Just inside that door
So distant now,
Friction makes them soar …


Tell me how it feels.