My idea of you starts deep within.
Where music plays and whispers sing.
Where colours are born in bloody flow,
Like dreamtime tales of birds, of crow.

Not temple, shrine, nor sculpted stone,
Nor trinket designed in your unknown.
Your sequestered mess, unimagined worth.
Where ideas flow in abundance, birth.

And as I change and as I grow
You remain one, a perfect whole
You are all, you are within
That accepting voice of good, of sin.

Worn on the sleeve in spattered ink
Adorned in love, in faithful sync.
A receptor of such sensory measure
In tune with one, hedonistic pleasure.

You carry all connections made,
In sparking touch, in light and shade.
They flow on vessels, 12,000 miles,
Uplifting thoughts, consuming smiles.

Where sorrow lives, where pain it thrives
Where true voice beats, enriching lives.
Energy unchanged, so steeped in story
You are my heart, all bleeding glory.

Faith starts within.