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Poet Girl Em

An Aussie Blue Mountain house sits high
at dusk on a night without dark nor light,
amongst eucalyptus groves rustling
their scent dusting the wind in flight.

His letter sent months ago, to her alone.
He called for her to join him here, his abode,
their brief meeting on that Sydney street
led him to dream, to hope, to believe.

One day to see her again, away together.
He has waited through seasons, forever
it seemed, but now this night he sensed
a different scent on the wind…hers.

Parting his stone castle, he ventures out,
spies a note stuck to a tree quite stout.
“I’m here…where are you?” she asks…
His heart stops, his gaze lifts, eyes squint,

To see through the eucalyptus trees
for a sign of her, he desperately pleads
with whom…unknown, the universe perhaps?
So taking more steps he drops onto the path.

And upon the next…

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