The trigger

The gun holds no trigger
Compared to the mind,
When a heart’s all but lost,
Only hate’s left to find.

Lone wolf? Extreme terror?
Matters not, labelled name,
Past struggles untraced,
Just one person to blame?

The broken bleeds from,
The media, peer, parent
Socio-culturally drenched,
In ideas so abhorrent.

When society fails the sick,
Hatred ensues,
Paving chaotic ways,
Only then we pay dues.

Missed support for abused,
Mental states left untreated;
Is it in vested interest
To heal those long defeated?

Or is it more vested to get
Them pharma-prescripted?
Hooked on placid placebos
Until a tomb is inscripted.

Media exposed,
Negativity unfolds,
Watch one attack,
Another’s idea evolves.

Is it one’s blame or all
When a person’s mind breaks,
When a martyr first forms
In tragedy, life takes?

We all start the same,
From womb to first breath,
And from there we do form
Through events until death.

If one’s thought get here
And another’s gets there,
Then we are all to blame
For a misplace of care.

Support life every chance,
And not just your own,
All those you touch,
All those you have known.

Listen to their struggles
Help others to love-know
We are all here to live,
Love, connect and to grow.


* Guns are fucked, so are people. One can be banned, the other can be healed.


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