What is with Coyote?  He seems like a pretty smart guy.  I mean, he has Wolverine-like injury recovery and this ability for unlimited wealth creation — or at least a really good friend at ACME — and yet he keeps chasing Road Runner?!  He’s a little ‘spesh’.

Note to self Wile E: If the catapult falls apart on top of you after one use, take it back for a full refund. That shit ain’t fit for purpose.

And just on ACME.  Do they sell any food?  I’m pretty sure he had birdseed at one point or another — JUST BUY THAT! Road runner has game, don’t be messing with that bird bro. It’s okay to accept failure and just move on.

Or if you’re really desperate for food, hijack one of those trucks you keep getting hit by! Okay it’s not exactly legal, but I’m sure prison is the least of your worries if you’re content with being strapped to a giant rocket. Surely there’s a two-week old snack in the truck cabin somewhere, or hell, the entire vehicle may be a re-supply run. That = Win!

Be the ball Coyote.  Fuck RR.