Knots tied and twisted around your wrists,
An awakening dance of lover’s bliss.
Moving slowly down your trembling thighs,
To check restraints, ankles in ties.
Do you remember the word we spoke,
Before your neck was in playful choke?
A tap on board or that word in scream,
Brings halted end to this sordid scene.

For now though drift into your role,
While I lap you up, mine to control.
Pinned to the bed, cast-iron; maiden
Don’t lay there still, let your senses waken.
Let blindfold hold your senses to four,
To taste each left that little more.
Pleasure enhanced, in blackness fear,
As I draw you in, taste your nectar dear.

Your foul mouth screaming words of hate,
Bound so tight, you cannot escape.
Accept defeat, you’ve lost control,
“Does that tickle some, you fucked up soul?”
The feather strikes like ending blows
Your stripped body writhes to and fro.
I get lost in watching your beauty fight,
For split-second feel all’s not quite right?

But that word agreed, has not come out,
So I’ll whip you harder, watch you flail about,
A stolen kiss leaves you trying to bite,
In that blackened ‘verse that you’re in tonight.
“You fucking – ohhhh – just let me go!”
“Oh bitch please, the answer’s no.”
“Fuck you, wait till I get free.”
A delightful promise I can’t wait to see.

For tomorrow when all’s said and done,
When I lose control to your bedroom fun;
When the tables are turned and I’m your slave
I’ll no doubt think of the mess I made
Tonight, in taking you to that edge,
Of skin-teased rapture; fears being dredged.
With senses heightened, inhibitions shed,
And no sign at all of that safe word, “Red.”

Tell me again how it feels.