I walked into a place,
a place I never knew,
from a place that was pre-wired,
in hurt I thought so true;

where suffering was so normal,
and endurism was the glue
into this place, I found myself
opened up and brought anew.

So in this world I ventured
to see through other’s eyes,
how life can be so different when
changing filters on your guise.

Where love had no conditions,
where you were free to be just you,
where speaking up and honesty
were keys held fast and true.

Where family had it’s struggles
but danced just all the same,
where judgement was a stranger,
freedom’s word sang out it’s name.

There was laughter there, and sadness
but a balance forged and found;
belief and trust in each held dear,
where angels leapt the ground.

Forgiveness was the anvil,
Acceptance, a striking blow,
For a boy of inner shame and doubt,
Fighting hard to just let go.

To trust again in others,
To let sceptic mind be free,
to believe wholly in those angels
with good intentions kept for me.

Coming from another place
of selfish ego, greed and strife,
made me wrestle with my thoughts
so hard, of how I wanted life.

I could see how I was living,
could feel a shift turn into now,
my reverberating loss of pride
gave way to thoughts of how?

How to open up to heart some more,
let feelings be the guide,
to fuck the fears of ego, swallow
nagging doubts I tried;

to have past deconstructed,
Not endured, not escaped;
to dream a life of treasures gold,
in conscious fun be draped.

Freed of worries and the torture,
that my mind had put me through,
to learn the love song of angels
guiding lights I always knew.

So let go of all before you,
let go fixed path behind;
let others see your shiny core,
Unlock heart and free the mind.