An outstretched path, strewned layers coat the floor
To desire’s lustful room of sin.
Beauty is taken, all of you, opened up against that mirrored door.
A hand hooked leg I hold, you beckon, calling me in.
Into the dripping heat, pouring down between your thighs,
Whilst I watch your fingers slide into your flowing river’s source,
Throbbing now ecstatic, with uncontrollable sighs.
Tell me how it feels while I lap up that trailing course.
Tasting all of you, your arching back it slumps to ground,
Quivering in playful fear with hands now held so tight.
I move deep inside you, filling up your swollen mound,
While sucking and biting your body in joyous, playful fight.
Your moans in sync with motions,
Our eyes hold such wicked devotions.

Tell me how it feels.