Seeing the world through the eyes of a two-year old child should remind us all just how wonderful this universe is.  They inspire and bring joy to everyone who takes the time to interact with them and observe their actions. It’s almost impossible for your heart not to melt in their presence, for they are the human race at its most pure. They are yet to learn all of the limitations and biases that adults place upon themselves and upon each other in the name of rules and responsibilities. They live and learn through play and fun, laugh at everything we find trivial and are totally mesmerised by all the little things taken for granted in every day life.


They live in total appreciation and wonder of all things around them.

Children are so in touch and open to their desires and needs. If they want something then they go for it, so much so that if their needs are not met their whole world will crumble, if only for a little while. Soon they are on to their next adventure with not even a thought of what was making them so upset before. That’s not to say that they don’t remember – they certainly do! – it’s just that it does not become an ongoing issue for them, they resent nothing and words like hate, envy and jealousy are just that … words. They don’t judge others and don’t dwell on the past. They can always let things pass in perfect, mindful present-living bliss.


They are the ultimate global citizens, not discriminating on creed, sex or colour and have not yet been conditioned by cultural, religious or political ideals or by nationalistic pride. The world they know is just as big or as small as they are. Their current environment is the world no matter where they be.  They have not been brainwashed by commercialism or entrenched in parental and peer beliefs and fears. They are no better or worse off than anyone else, and have total acceptance and have a pure-hearted sense of peace for all that is around them. Imagine if we all lived like that, with acceptance and gratitude for all around us. Fuck wow.


A two-year old child from suburbia could mingle just as well with the child of a world leader.

The idea of classes in society does not even get close to their radar and why should it? If they want to play ball with that other human over there, no matter how old, young or different they look then they will god-damn it. Societal labels and rules have not yet had effects on their growing minds, they just live life to the fullest, and maybe take a nap here or there. They are pure energy, poetry in motion and a pleasure to behold.

Labels. They are a myth, and to a child even more so. What the hell is an adult anyway? What is a kid? A spider is scary? A stranger is danger?  That drink is not mine?!

People to them are just people. Some are taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier than others but that doesn’t matter at all to them. When you consider that they don’t discriminate against others based on labels put in place, then that’s when you really see it … the all singing, all dancing joy.

If we could all do that.  If we could all accept people for just who they are, for when they smile, for when they hurt, for when they laugh, for when they cry, for when they hide their demons deep inside and for when they are screaming out in pain.  If we could accept each other without judgement or expectation and really understand ourselves at the deepest of levels, then this entire world would be an amazing place.


I love hanging out with children.  They put a smile on the face of everyone around them and help remind us all of that inner child each of us have within.

Go out and play.