Wasn’t today
supposed to be,
scary as fuck
horrors to see?

I think we were duped
and taken astray,
no Hellraiser pins
to my dismay.

No blood-soaked sheets,
no hockey mask,
nor haunted houses,
or zombies aghast.

No rusty gate,
no creaking door,
nor dismembered heads
sprawled out on the floor.

And where’s the chainsaws
stained in blood?
Victims washed up
drowned in flood?

The hangman’s noose?
Crims on the run?
Crazed psychopath
wielding hot gun?

Open coffins strewn
‘cross the mire?
Sick puppeteers,
with kids on wire?

Statues alive
In dripping wax?
Samara through
TV attacks.

A day of black
of fear and pains.
Horrific screams,
flayed open brains.

Or a day just like
Friday the 6th
No different aside
from memes and tricks?

Has Friday the 13th lost its superstitious lustre and horror-filled connotation?

Enjoy the day, scare yourself a little.