Broken paths lay out before me,
Earth breaking, shifting mercifully,
Tectonic plates in motion grind.
Step cautious ’round an untrained mind.

Still dare to walk,
new roads to face,
A familiar path leads
to the very same place.
Take necessary steps
to set on your way,
Such differing steps
from those yesterday.

Grow wings and soar
high above life to see
The path that’s less travelled
that is meant to be.
Drink the untainted wine,
from a new harvest’s barrel,
Let it flow through your veins,
Free your mind and unravel.

If all you have known has
gotten you here,
Then all you have known
is of doubt and of fear.
Hoist anchor, set sail
through a sea so uncharted,
drop rustic thoughts,
let them all be departed.

Imagine unimagined,
let it swirl all around,
Like vortexing winds
touching down to the ground.
Let it slice through you
and open up your inside,
Take humble pleasure
from this wondrous ride.

Inspire, explore and
find your own form.
Know thyself ever true,
break free from your dorm.
It’s not hard to do, just
walk through the door,
To the place that you know,
deep inside, evermore.

Learn trust again, and
hold dear the wise,
have faith in your spirit,
let it unlock your guise.
Retrace your steps brief,
understand what you see,
let your inner child out
to roam far and free.

With your light shining bright,
like a welcoming porch.
Trust in all that you feel,
Let your grit be the torch.
Be honest, be scared
about what is to come,
but don’t sit in that place
where fear has come from.

Trust in the process,
Take heed from true friend,
always listen to heart,
all that’s left at life’s end.
When on to the next
you’ll look back and you’ll see,
how you changed this life up,
became you without ‘me’.