Never before have you sparkled so much,
Your entire being dancing on the wind,
Grey flecks of ash glitter golden in the Autumn sun.
This is your day, your first and your last.

First soaked in ocean’s warmth,
free to travel the world.
Last shackled to that chair,
knees fused, trapped in that place.

Watching you drift off
into the blue abyss,
is so very surreal.
Those tidal shifts
drawing you in,
pushing you out.
Breathing once again,
Alive forevermore.

Go and play,
Explore the world now.
You are free.
Free from restraints held,
free from torment grown,
free to move,
free to roam,

With your ashes dissolved to oceans,
Wherever in this world I go,
Within sight of sea I sense you,
forever drawn to your undertow.

Your soul now free to journey,
float on currents far away.
To guide and be unguided,
Happy Mother’s Day.