The day’s finally here
Season’s end is in sight
To win one final game
What a glorious delight

With that round ball on foot
A pass is put through
With the goal in clear sight
It’s now all up to you

So be brave and be strong
Red and Black have no fears
With the RBB flowing
Singing loud, roaring cheers

Crossover and spin
Turn your foe into two
Western Sydney today
Red and Black through and through

Unleash on those Reds
Give them hell, give your all
Feel the victory right now
Then make it real with that ball

You inspire the weak
You inspire the strong
Western Sydney don’t stop
‘Til you take out that gong

The toilet seat’s ours
Just as Asia was before
With drums beating loudly
Beat the Reds like the Roar

Come on you Wanderers!