Safe word

Knots tied and twisted around your wrists, An awakening dance of lover’s bliss. Moving slowly down your trembling thighs, To check restraints, ankles in ties. Do you remember the word we spoke, Before your neck was in playful choke? A tap on board or that word in scream, Brings halted end to this sordid scene….

Where angels leapt the ground

I walked into a place, a place I never knew, from a place that was pre-wired, in hurt I thought so true; where suffering was so normal, and endurism was the glue into this place, I found myself opened up and brought anew. So in this world I ventured to see through other’s eyes, how…


You Are complex. A jumbled splendour of unique, puzzling pieces. Each one beautifully crafted. From frame’s edge, complete, inside you. MT

This WordPress commune

Words they are just words, Periods? A bloody mess. Apostrophes so possessive, Whilst commas give us breath. Ellipses have geometry, Colons are full of shit. Sentences are such punishment And semicolons continue it. Poetry dances stories and Prose, it sets them straight. Whatever your mind brings on, Gives birth to something great. Something you’ve created…

Feel more, Live more

Feeling the whole gambit of your emotions is the only way to truly experience joy and beauty. Understanding that and believing that? Two very different things! Keep on your journey. Trust in the process. MT

Fresh paint

An empty hallway sweeps long howls of echoing silence down to the open door. Haunting memories reverberate within breaking gaping wounds once more. Past secretes from this place, a troubled mind left to berate. Darkness envelopes that single bulb when the angels dare not enter the gate. In lonely stroll of wandered halls wait struggling…

Tell me how it feels

An outstretched path, strewned layers coat the floor To desire’s lustful room of sin. Beauty is taken, all of you, opened up against that mirrored door. A hand hooked leg I hold, you beckon, calling me in. Into the dripping heat, pouring down between your thighs, Whilst I watch your fingers slide into your flowing…

Through your eyes

Through your eyes we see the world now, two decades it has been. You gave the ultimate sacrifice to someone so unseen. Forever and always grateful for the precious gift you gave. The gift of sight from two held dear, now buried in the grave. Two children, total strangers, now bound to me as one….

Live like a two-year old

Seeing the world through the eyes of a two-year old child should remind us all just how wonderful this universe is.  They inspire and bring joy to everyone who takes the time to interact with them and observe their actions. It’s almost impossible for your heart not to melt in their presence, for they are…