Take me with you
On the journey that you’re on.
Speak with the silent whispers
From the place that I am from.

Take me with you
My bright spark will guide your way.
From that ego-minded self
To my space of warmth today.

Take me with you
It is all that I will ask.
Let me pump my message free,
To shed doubts and strip your mask.

Take me with you
To the places you hold dear.
Feel my energy as one
Let me drown away your fear.

Take me with you
Listen closely to your heart.
Like a lighthouse I guide you,
Through safe passage you will part.

Take me with you
Let me play my joyous song
That sings to your whole being
Let my flows quell all your wrong.

Take me with you
Feel my altruistic tune.
Always beating deep within you,
A soulful play, an ancient rune.

Take me with you
Open up my scarlet core,
To see the world around you
From your heart forever more.

~ Mark Thompson