Jim Morrison was onto something with People are strange.  People are strange when you’re a stranger.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met or if you’ve known someone for a lifetime.  When you don’t open up to your self, then you’ll never really know them and they’ll never really know you.

On Thursday night I had the absolute pleasure of getting driven home by Jaz, an Indian taxi driver from Westmead.  While on the ride home we spoke about work, about family, kids and more.  He had been driving cabs for the past four years and was considering a switch to driving trucks.  A simple plan but a plan all the same.  Chit-chat.  Respectful and polite.

But it was when I asked him about what else he enjoyed, that’s when I actually met Jaz and he met me.  Jaz is a writer.  A writer of beautiful Hindu songs and musings.  Songs written down in his notebooks and diaries.  Each one meticulously crafted by a particular type of pen, dated and titled so that his children can see exactly when they were written.

We talked about our love of writing like friends sharing stories of old.  Eyes lighting up, smiles on faces and both of us laughing and understanding all the peculiar little things we had come across during the writing process.  The moments of clarity, the inspiring thoughts, the visions, the tools and the flow.  We spoke of that instant need to jot something down that had just come to us and spoke about that particular pen (Uniball Signo 0.7mm) that we just had to use to make our work feel right.  We spoke about beats and music that encouraged flow and about the enjoyment of sharing what we loved with others and reading and hearing about their tales too.

It was a truly, wonderful cab ride with a truly, wonderful person.  As I left the cab, we laughed and joked about the next big Bollywood film featuring a theme song by Jaz.  But it really wasn’t a joke.  It was a vision of the future yet to unfold.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world stranger. Keep on writing those songs brother.