Water and vinegar they spin in the pan,
A glistening vortex, an uninspired man.
Of choices he switches just like traffic lights.
Smashing eggs in for fried on warm, spring nights.
“Whatever is easiest.” Scrambling thoughts and it’s done.
An uninspired man with opinions of none.

What if thoughts changed today? To speak of one man’s need.
Trading them all for a voice, a lost soul takes on heed.
And with that voice in tow, an open heart begins the flows
Blood pumping voracious exposing, the values that he knows.

The turmoil subsides, his real truth can pour out
So vinegar and water, start to spiral about.
The eggs they drop in, to a fanfare of joy
A dance they begins like a kid with a toy
Spin in the vortex, coagulate into form
“I like them poached to perfection, runny yolk is the norm.”

A side of toast, grilled tomatoes and a handful of shrooms,
Salmon drenched in yolk, Hollandaise fills the room.
With it’s sweet, lemon tang runs desire so rare.
Unless opinions are voiced, left open and bare.
If you don’t like my way, that’s okay you have yours.
But I know what I like, if you don’t there’s a cause.

Find out what you want, then chase it, don’t stop
You want sunny side up? Then simply don’t cop.
If never you ask and never you tell
Then never they’ll know how you like your eggs well.
So open up to your heart and ask it with glee
What the fuck do I want, not for you but for me.

It’s not selfish to know just what you do want
It’s selfish to hold back, let the mind screw and taunt.
So how do you want eggs? Within you it be
Tell your ego, “Fuck off.” Let it drift out to sea.
Be all that you are with your Hollandaise sauce
Take heed from your heart, it is your one true source.