Lapping waves
In crystal blue
Stir the white peaks
Caressing a snowy shore,
Drowning shells
In splendid wonder,
Their colours dance
To an Eastern song.

The Ocean breeze
Touching flesh,
Bringing dulcet tones
Of calm, of grace.
The harmonic spell
Cast on all
With eyes open,
Open to the expanse.

Crisp water laps
Cooling feet in one,
Dripping tears
Down soaking legs.
Sand grasping skin,
Each unique grain
Chancing a new journey
With pure intentions.

White sails soar
Through sky so clear
As the sun bears down
Shaping the way.
Flashing hulls
Ripping soon
Untraceable paths
Through a glassy dream.

The sea eagle lingers,
Gliding on the spray.
Soaking in warmth,
Just waiting to strike.
Eyes transfixed
On the watery graveyard
Of prey below.
Patience is key.

A distant buoy sways
While a little boy plays.
Red Bucket, green spade
Climbing rocks at speed,
Mesmerised by the pools
Of wondrous delight,
Chasing frantic crabs
An inspiring sight.

This is the world.
Out of office on,
Checked out of ‘life’
To experience it true.
A delicious folly
Of fun and sand.
“I want ice cream!”
Fucking incredible.