Torn and broken.
The familiar flows, so unwelcome
Gushing vast streams
Down Winter’s untouched face.

Red serpents gravitate down.
Splattered cave smeared
Reminders of misplaced faith.

Thunder again,
Lightning strikes in mid breath.
Words only thoughts
Between gusting winds of cry pleaded.

A crack of branch
As it falls to the hardened clay.
Broken again
In mended place, healed thrice before.

Blackness rolls in
A forced hibernation begins in zest.
Dare not sleep long
For ferocious light, it burns in you.

The wraith open bare,
Natural form, incomprehensible.
Weak fade departs
Drowning echoes of door shattering jamb.

Howls are just ghosts,
Now whispering down the hall, ever more silent.
Lay still now love.
The raging storm has subsided.

As hot springs pool
Beneath the falls of red Autumn rain,
Drops echo joy in the painful silence
of goddess glistening, battered and drifting.

Today brings late,
Tortured flesh browning in the open air.
Rest peaceful now.
Let tears crystallize in form and strength.

Familiar flows,
Subside on Winter’s first morn gaze.
New season’s turn,
The unknown.  Change greets at the broken door.

You are whole and pure.