There is nothing better than that feeling you get when you are utterly lost in doing what you love.  You get emersed in the flow, caught up in a place where time is just a word and where troubles take a seat way back at the far end of your mind’s table.  It is freeing, total connectedness between you, the pen and all that surround us.

The pen.  That is my love.  For you the pen is anything that brings you to that place of harmony and joy.  It is that thing that excites you, that haunts you when you are some place else.  That thing that when you look back on your life’s journey you can see that it has always been with you, sometimes calling, sometimes screaming, sometimes dormant, but forever and always present.

It’s what you dream about, what frustrates you and what you always gravitate towards, whether you are concious to it or not.  It is beautiful and the delicate, lucious flow that stems from it is truly breathtaking.  When you take a step back from doing it, it is that thing that makes you say, “Wow” in the most sincerest acknowledgement of surprise and splendour.

Find and embrace it but there’s no need to love it.  Because once you find it, you will realise that love for it has always been and will always remain.