He’s a message in a bottle
locked in time out at sea.
He’s a message of love,
so untainted and so free:

His tears are like daggers,
his laughter like wine.
His heart like wildfire
His imagination? So divine.

Stepping stones so entranced
on the journey not the end.
His movements so playful
few of us comprehend.

Through his such present mind
come thoughts that inspire.
Wonders beyond grasp,
just be spellbound, just admire.

Bees floating are flies,
Giraffes drenched in blue.
Words not of this world,
but to him they ring true.

Look! Up in the sky!
A balloon? It’s a plane!
It’s whatever he wishes
Neural paths, what a brain.

Green lions on walls
they roar just as loud
As that pink, fluffy car
he sees passing right now.

A key is so wonderous
the door it unlocks!
Action taken for granted
by adults run by clocks.

As he grows past this age
let him know his true worth.
He’s a treasure so golden
way past death, before birth.

We are all just like him
so connected with joy.
Shed your fears, shed your skin
be a two year old boy.