I’ve been meditating for a number of months now.  Okay so I missed a day here and there but in general, I’ve been enjoying the practise and finding some peace and love in the process.

So on Sunday I had this amazing experience, twice!  The first time it occurred I was sitting on top of a concrete water pipe in a park, closed-eyed, focusing on the breath, letting my thoughts float by.

Then it happened … Something weird, something unusual, something impossible to my once unconscious mind.

I had a spark.

Out of a sea of nothingness a bright yellow light shone through.  So very tiny but so clear, like a blown pixel on an LCD panel.  It was how I imagine the Sun would be when viewed from Pluto.  A tiny, bright yellow speck on a dark horizon.

It was beautiful and yet frustrating.  Frustrating as it was far off to the corner of my eye and even more frustrating when I tried to focus on it and it would then disappear.  It was hard not to try and focus on it though as the light brought up so much intrigue, so many questions.  What is it telling me?  What is it trying to say?  Why are you here?

But it’s the practise.  Don’t focus on it, just let it be.  Let it evolve just as it should and let it call when it is ready.  Time will give it a voice for answers, practise will give it power to grow.  Patience is the key to this one.

I love the light, I look forward to understanding it more.  For now, we’ll just accept each others presence.