Herded cattle,
Eyes on glass,
Ears plugged in.
A bustling train, so empty.
The walking dead.

What’s your fear?
Fear of contact?
Of culture?
Of difference?
Of the unknown?

Smile. Try it.
Just once,
Make a play,
Open up.  Closed.
No response.

Darkness fading.
End of the tunnel,
Bringing forth the bright.
Sunlight ripples towering shadows.
Daylight brings no change.

Keep to yourself,
Fake indifference.
Acting tired.
Woe is me exudes you.
Outer space has more life.

Who are you?
You’re screaming for contact,
You’re screaming to communicate,
Screaming in quick, quiet glances.
Melancholic stares.

Don’t look up.
Never look up!
Eye contact?
What if another smiles?
Poor drones.