He’s asleep right now, so perfectly still.  I stare at him in wonder and disbelief.  My path through life, it must have been perfect.  If not, then how would he be here?  How would I be sitting in this room watching him float off into a world of dreams with that beautifully intense look of contentment on his face?

I’m grateful for the journey that brought us to this moment.  How could I not be?  If everything I’ve done has gotten me to where I am today, sitting cross-legged on the floor watching him sleep, then how can any of it be wrong?

He is such a joy to behold, a beautiful soul to help nuture.

I will be here by your side to show you the world, to sing you the songs, to dance with you through life.  To laugh with you, to cry with you and to protect you from harm.  You are the beating heart that mine bleeds forever more for.  I love you son.  Dad.