Getting lost in your thoughts and then letting them pass,
it isn’t so easy to do.
When the unconcious past has you caught in it’s grasp
then you become stuck within you.

The future bleak and unseen, the present brushed thick as hell,
The world becomes the mind of your own.
Past’s taint it secretes, a lost passenger repeats
and your thoughts weigh you down like a stone.

But with practise comes peace, with forgiveness a cease
to the turmoil that swirls all around.
As you look deep within let the journey begin
to just feeling your feet on the ground.

You were born into this world the same as everyone one else,
let limiting beliefs go to hell.
So be strong and be brave and step out of that grave,
change your actions and prepare to live well.

Be accepting of now and like a flash from the clouds,
your world can indeed change it’s shape.
Be you, own it all, break barriers, tear walls,
strive harder to increase your gait.

Be the drive that you are and be grateful for all
as you journey through this time and space.
Work hard and achieve, laugh, learn, dance and believe,
serve others with purpose and grace.

To encourage of growth is the basis of love,
for thee, them, you and I.
So do it with heart and express yourself free
and you’ll find your place up in the sky.

Stars are not born like us, they explode into life
but they are matter just all the same.
You can shine ever bright, be a beacon of light
Then you’ll rest easy next to your name.

Like a flame flicker fast, like ice take your time
and stay grounded to Earth’s inner core.
Just like it from within is where it all begins,
let it out, be the world and explore.

Stay true to your heart, that’s been you from the start
let your energy explode from this place.
Let it fill you with light that burns bright through the night,
love it all, share it all, just embrace.

Stay humble, stay now, with your shadow in check,
keep the balance of light and the dark.
For you need both of them near to expel all your fears
and to trigger your beautiful spark.

Go forth now, create, your genuine self waits
to be opened so unlock the door.
Imagine a future so real you can do nothing but feel,
all five senses charged with fervour.

Change your thoughts, change your actions, it’s in you where it happens,
let the mind unleash wonder and calm.
Go explore everyday in the best possible way
Love thyself, love all life, everyone.