As I trace my fingers across your delicate skin I begin to feel your everything.  Meandering slowly, appreciating all that you encompass.  Every mound, every pore, every perfect imperfection.  Your body IS art, a piece of sheer beauty, glowing with a natural warmth, born from this extraordinary world.  

Thank you for this moment.

I somehow allow myself closer to you.  It’s unconscious, involuntary.  I cannot help but be drawn hopelessly into your breath.  So subtle and so in sync with mine.  In this moment we become one.  You are mine, I am yours.  One single vessel lost on a sea of pure sensory pleasure.  I can taste your everything, your smell, your song.  The sheer aromatic delight is overwhelming, energising, intoxicating.

How did you get here?  How did this happen?  What journey have you taken?  The questions…Let them drift away for they are not for this moment but for another some lifetime away.

So unique you are, so different from the others.  Irresistible.  And just like that a rush of untainted carnality takes over.  I need to feel you all.  I pierce your skin, sinking my teeth deep into your flesh, biting through and opening you up to the moment.  Your bodily juices pour into my mouth, gushing out of you with absolute delight.  Your sweet, delicate taste exploding into me at last, forever absorbing.  I bite again and again moving deeper into your core.  Feeling every inch of you, delving ever so deeper inside you, completely taken away into your beautiful soul.  The energy between us is electric.  There is so much joy, so much love in our actions.  This connection is enduring.  I can feel you coursing through me.  I hold you tight in my embrace and yet you have complete control.

I don’t want this moment to stop, I never want this to end, this feeling is penultimate but my shadow can be greedy and as I take one last bite it is done.  Complete.  A delicious moment in time we will always have, we will always share, always cherish.

Thank you again with all of my heart.