Sometimes people come into your life for a while.  Sometimes for the better and other times for the worst.  When we disconnect from them that is when you can look back over the lessons learnt.  Look back and understand why they were there in the first place,

why you let them in to your world and vice-versa, but most importantly, how they made you feel.

  • Did you feel they helped you grow or did they stifle your growth?
  • Did they bring joy and love or hurt and sadness?
  • Did they help expand your thoughts and limiting beliefs, opening your eyes to the world around you, or
  • Did they bring you closer to a darker place, drawing out life in a vampiric embrace?

I think that we need both influences at times.  The negative and the positive.  You can’t truly experience one without knowing the other.  We are all drawn to our mirror.  Those that are like we are in the current moment, those who are on our same level, but we are also drawn to those who inspire us to greater things.  Those that can give us the mental kick in the ass we sometimes need to move forward in life.  They’re the ones to hold onto, those that are treading a path that helps you to see yours.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t hold onto them.  It may be fears, doubts, shame, hind-brain mind-fucks…whatever the reason, sometimes you have to let them go.  But the lessons are still learnt, burnt into our psyche, drawing our minds towards the questions we need to ask ourselves.  Be grateful for them, be appreciative of their connection, love who they are and wish them well on their life journey.

Once you learn the lessons, once you find balance and set yourself on a better journey, you will meet them again when the time is meant to be and you will flourish and grow alongside them, in this lifetime or another.