My greatest love

He’s asleep right now, so perfectly still.  I stare at him in wonder and disbelief.  My path through life, it must have been perfect.  If not, then how would he be here?  How would I be sitting in this room watching him float off into a world of dreams with that beautifully intense look of…

Life. Own it.

Getting lost in your thoughts and then letting them pass, it isn’t so easy to do. When the unconcious past has you caught in it’s grasp then you become stuck within you. The future bleak and unseen, the present brushed thick as hell, The world becomes the mind of your own. Past’s taint it secretes, a lost…

Mindfully eating an apple?

As I trace my fingers across your delicate skin I begin to feel your everything.  Meandering slowly, appreciating all that you encompass.  Every mound, every pore, every perfect imperfection.  Your body IS art, a piece of sheer beauty, glowing with a natural warmth, born from this extraordinary world.  


Sometimes people come into your life for a while.  Sometimes for the better and other times for the worst.  When we disconnect from them that is when you can look back over the lessons learnt.  Look back and understand why they were there in the first place,